May 2024 News

The Congregational Church of Eastford’s membership voted overwhelmingly on May 22, 2024 to relocate to a new site as they rebuild following the loss of their building last year to fire. The new site is on John Perry Road. The decision was driven both by our vision to bless our community and by our expectation of future growth. A new location will provide abundant space for a new building for the worship and ministry programs of our church. Moreover, we will be able to create a space where we host community events, programs for school kids and local seniors, and to provide great space both indoors and out for children and youth. The new land is sufficient for all our current and future parking needs, outdoor play space for all ages and perhaps even future buildings, sports facilities, and athletic fields. The beautiful old building served the church and Eastford for nearly 200 years, and we will all miss it. While the old hilltop location on Church Road was beautiful, the space was too small – especially considering possible future growth.  On a new site and in a new building we intend to provide for another century or two of blessings. It is hoped that the new building will be ready by late 2025.  Our plan is to keep the 8 Church Road property with an eye toward having it be a peaceful place to remember all the Lord has done there and to draw more people into His kingdom.

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December 2023 News

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April/May 2023 News

The Congregational Church of Eastford’s building at 8 Church Road in Eastford burned to the ground in the pre-dawn hours on Sunday, April 23, 2023.  Sunday Worship Services are held in the Eastford Elementary School Gym, 12 Westford Road, Eastford.  Church offices are at 4 County Road in Eastford (next door to the post office)!  News articles appear below.  For those wishing to help us rebuild, visit