Welcome to the Congregational Church of Eastford!

Our church building burned down on Sunday, April 23, 2023 but our ministry in the quiet corner of Connecticut continues!  We meet at the Eastford Elementary School at 12 Westford Road in Eastford for worship on Sunday mornings.  Our ministries are meeting in various town locations and area churches, so visit our Calendar and Events pages to learn more!

We are for you, today!  Preaching from the Bible that is relevant to real life.  Ministries that reach real people.  Something for you to do for the Lord that makes a difference!

Jesus is proclaimed here!  The message of Jesus is the best news anyone can hear.   In Jesus we find healing, peace, joy and love – and so we are deeply committed to introducing him to anyone and everyone.

What can I expect?  A friendly and casual environment.  A family atmosphere.  Worship that is all about Jesus and the Word of God.  People who are committed to serving the Lord.  Folks who really care about you. People who are transparent about real life.  Laughter, joy and fun!  You will be challenged to be all you can be in God.  God glorified and Jesus exalted!


Statement of Faith



Rev. Michael Moran (“Pastor Mike”)

Church Officers

Church Council Chairperson:  Bob Vincent

Church Clerk:  Johanna Wolfe

Treasurer:  Jen York (John Buell term officially begins 7/1/24)

Assistant Treasurer:  John Buell (Jen York term officially begins 7/1/24)


Pastor Mike, Bob Vincent, James Barlow, John Buell

Deacons/Deaconesses (Ministry leaders)

Care:  Bruce Lindemann

Children and Youth:  Johnny Barlow (Jen Barlow term officially begins 7/1/24)

Hospitality Committee:  Keri Buell

Finance:  Bruce Barlow

Missions Committee:  TBD

Outreach:  Seth Budd

Trustees:  Paul Torcellini (Roger Wolfe term officially begins 7/1/24)

Worship:  Christian Wolfe


Congregational Church of Eastford
4 County Road, PO Box 177
Eastford, CT 06242-0177

Phone:  (860) 974-0294

Email:  [email protected]