Free Family Fun!
Frog Jump, Band Concert, and Cookout

5:00 – 5:30 Frog registration (catch your own or borrow one!)
5:30 – 6:30 Frog Jump and Cookout (ice cream sundaes for dessert)
6:30 – 7:30 Band Concert (East Woodstock Cornet Band) and Cake Walk


Frogs are the Best!

A Gift from God. When God created the world and people, he gave people the special job of taking care of all that He had made. Frogs are part of God’s gift to us. We should treat them with kindness and care just like all of nature.

Catching and Releasing

Please do your best to handle your frogs with care. Nets are recommended as the safest method of capturing frogs. Nets should have 1/4 inch mesh or smaller so the frogs’ legs cannot get caught in the netting, causing injury. Care should be taken to avoid capturing female frogs carrying eggs. Frogs should be placed in appropriate housing right away. Following completion of the Frog Jumping contest please return your frogs to the place where you caught them.


Frogs are best kept where it is dark and wet. Frogs need not be separated into individual compartments, but care should be taken to separate small frogs from larger ones. Make certain there is enough room, air, and water for all. If frogs are kept in pails or tanks with water, the water should be shallow enough so the frogs can keep their heads above water while sitting on the bottom. Rocks or other types of perches can be provided to allow the frogs to get out of the water. The water should be changed daily. Care should be taken to minimize frogs’ exposure to chlorinated water.

Care of Sick or Injured Frogs

In the event a frog appears to be sick or injured, that frog shall be removed from the event immediately, isolated from other frogs, and cared for as much as possible.


Frogs shall be handled in a manner that prevents injury to the frog and also makes it difficult for the frog to escape into a potentially harmful environment. To pick up a frog, wet your hands first (their skin is delicate) and place your hand gently but firmly on both sides of its body with its belly facing away from your palm. Do not pick up a frog by one or more legs or by its head or neck. Do not shake or otherwise roughly handle frogs. Do not keep a frog out of water so long that its skin become dry. Do not expose frogs to excessive sunlight or other harsh light. Do not squeeze frog hard enough to injure. And wash your hands afterward (some frogs carry germs).

Have Fun! And don’t forget to thank God for the frogs!