Sep 11


Good morning!

Text: Job 10-12; Psalm 121

Job understands that God is indeed God, and He is fully in charge.  Speaking of the Lord, Job says these words:

With him are strength and sound wisdom;
the deceived and the deceiver are his. (Job 12:16)

We live in turbulent times.  The world around us is full of conflicting voices.  Some are true while many more are false.  It would be easy to be unsettled and even fearful.  Is it not good to now that all those who speak and listen, deceived and deceiver alike, are “His”?  Our God is sovereign and in complete control.  He can and will cut through all the nonsense out there.  His will and His truth will prevail.  He is strong and He is wise.  So we need neither fret nor worry.  There is no need to get angry at the news or the news maker. All is now and will be well. God is in control.

in Him, Mike