Oct 31

Good morning!
Today is another reflection day…
The Word of God is so rich and full, it never disappoints.  I will have to say that the Word can often challenge.  The parable of the two eagles, Ezekiel 17, required three readings and then some study notes for me to start to get what was going on.  These eagles are representing the kings in Judah just before the Babylonians crush them… and the parable is a warning that just because things look strong and healthy does not mean they will stay that way… especially if there is underlying sin.
The reason I am commenting on this is because I am reminded that when a passage of Scripture seems like a snarled fishing reel – hard to untangle and time consuming so to do – it does call us to slow down and dig.  It is always worth it to do the work to unwrap the Word.  There is always a gift inside.
in Him,  Mike