Nov 7

dry bones

Good morning!

Today is a reflection day.
When I was in junior high, we lived in the desert outside Tucson, Arizona.  I used to go out and collect things – rocks, arrowheads and such.  There was a lot of wildlife, predators and prey. Strewn across the desert floor there were bones.  That expression, “dry as a bone” really makes sense when you pick up a bone that has been in the desert sun for a few decades.  It is dry, dry, dry, light as a feather, and on the verge of becoming dust.
In that light, a reading of Ezekiel 37:1-14 is incredible.  Our God gives a vision that a valley of dry bones – the skeletons of humans long dead and gone – can live again.  Our God brings life.  By the Word of the Gospel of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, the driest, deadest bones imaginable can rise to new and eternal life.  Praise God!
in Him, Mike