May 6

fresh fish

Good morning!
Text:  Romans 6-8; Proverbs 21:1-16
Romans is remarkably dense, filled to the brim with theological truth.  It is worthy of careful and thorough study.  In today’s read through, that last phrase of Romans 6:4 caught my attention:
“…we too might walk in newness of life.”
The argument is being developed that, in Jesus, we have left the old life of slavery to law and sin and are set in a new life of grace.  For those of us with adult conversions, the idea that the old “me” has died and I have a new life is easy to grasp.  My life was profoundly different over the course of just a few minutes when I came to Jesus.  That said, when I think of my new life, my news is almost 23 years old (I came to faith in May 1992).  So, if this speaks of conversion, my “newness of life” is sort of my old, new life.
That thought makes me ask – what is “newness” of life?  The word means “recent and different and of extraordinary newness.”  Newness is like the new car smell, the newborn baby’s smooth skin, the flowers that bloomed just this morning.  That suggests that today ought to seem “new” in Jesus as compared with even just yesterday – even though I was saved years ago.  This is indeed the life we have in Jesus.  As He grows us, changes, and transforms us, we should expect and cultivate our lives to be fresh and new each and every day.  So, how is that going?  Am I walking today in “newness of life”?  If I am not, what is holding me back?
in Him,  Mike