May 4

Good morning!
Text: Romans 1-3; Proverbs 20:1-15
Romans is very challenging.  In the opening chapters (1:18-3:20), the case is made that every single human has a sin problem.  All people are guilty and under condemnation (and in need of a savior).  One verse that caught my eye as I read this time was 3:4.
Let God be true though every one were a liar…
The point being made is that the Jews were “entrusted with the oracles of God” – that the Word (Old Testament) came through Jews.  All of the authors were men who were sinners, yet the Word of God is true, and His promises perfect in their making and their keeping.  We can always trust God, even when He speaks through the most untrustworthy of messengers.  We  must be careful not to confuse the integrity of the speaker with the purity of the message.  The Bible, God’s Word is always true.  That fact is a source of great strength, comfort and safety.
Application:  In all of life, the Bible is our only reliable source of truth.  Challenge:  Have I been looking for truth elsewhere (my feelings, the advice of others, human authors and teachers)?
in Him,  Mike