May 16


Good morning!

Text:  1 Samuel 4-6; Proverbs 15:1-14
The story of the loss and recovery of the ark in 1 Samuel 4-6 speaks directly into my heart.  Here are some life-points:
1)  When the Israelites take the ark into battle, they lose anyway.  Our God is not some rabbit’s foot we take in our pocket to bring us good fortune.  We need to check our motives when we seek God’s presence.  Do I seek Him for my benefit or for His agenda?
2)  When the Philistines place the ark in Dagon’s temple, their idol Dagon cannot stand. Our God and idols do not mix. When we try to accommodate both idols and God in our lives, something has to give.  The Philistine’s move the ark out, choosing the idol over God.  Bad move. When God is confronting the idols in our lives, putting distance between ourselves and God makes things worse not better.  Tumors, mice, or some other sort of special “blessing” will come our way.
3)  What idols do I harbor this day?  An idol is anything we “worship” in lieu of the Lord.  A person, a job, an education, our children, our health, our home – any of these can be idols in our lives.  Hint:  Where there is a skirmish going on in your heart there might be an idol being knocked on it’s face by the Lord.  If so – lose the idol and choose the Lord!
in Him,  Mike