May 12


Good morning!

Text:  Ephesians 1-3; Proverbs 23:19-35

What a blessing the Word of God is!

The motto of the Congregational Church of Eastford is “To know Christ and to make Him known.”  When I hear those words I think of people.  Our church family strives to know Jesus and the power of His resurrection.  We also strive to present Him and His glorious Gospel to others around us.  Check out Ephesians 3:10;

“…through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.”

That is a remarkable statement.  Do we think of the impact of our church as extending to supernatural rulers and authorities in the heavenly places?  Imagine angels watching and listening to us and learning the “manifold wisdom of God.” Imagine if our speech and actions actually taught angels things they did not know about God.  Do we think we have that high of a calling?  Well, if this text is true (it is), then we certainly do.

Love, forgiveness and grace are subjects we deal with that even angels might learn about by watching us. Our interactions with God and with one another when we mess up bring these into full view.  Sounds to me like we need to lead Christ-like lives in ways that are obvious – obvious in how different we are from the world around us and obvious in how our lives look like Jesus Himself.  You never know who is watching.

in Him, Mike