May 10

Good morning!
Text: Romans 14-16; Proverbs 22:17-29.
In chapters 15 and 16 of Romans, an expression repeats itself; “…the God of…”.  In 15:5 He is the “God of endurance and encouragement.”  In 15:13 He is the “God of hope.”  And, in 15:33 and 16:20 He is the “God of peace.”
Consider the opposites of these words.  In turn, they are “fatigue”, “discouragement”, “despair” and “strife.”  What a list of common afflictions in the life of every Christian.  How often do we struggle with these?  All the time is my experience.
Our great God is the One who brings us deliverance from such afflictions. He strengthens us that we might endure.  He encourages us.  He is our Hope!  And He will bring us peace.  When those negatives come, turn to the Lord and receive the goodness of who He is, “The God of…”
in Him,  Mike