Mar 26


Good morning!
Text:  Deuteronomy 17-19; Psalm 45
Psalm 45 opens; “My heart overflows with a pleasing theme.”  When I read these words, I was reminded that last year on this day I was touched by this verse.  Last week I was on vacation, surfing in Puerto Rico.  The surf spot near our rental house had a crew of “locals” that we encountered in the water most every day.  Part way through the week my surfing buddies and I shared notes on how there were two sorts – the grumpy ones and the happy ones.  Some always made a negative comment or just grunted when spoken to, while others always smiled and said something cheerful or encouraging.  I can imagine that inside the hearts of the happy people a sweet melody is playing… a pleasing theme.
 A “pleasing theme”, is one that is good and noble and pleasant, one that is beautiful, delightful, glad, joyful, precious, correct, and righteous.  We all go through valleys and dark places, and our hearts so often grieve and cry out in pain.  That said, the life song of our hearts ought always come back to that “pleasing theme” of joy in our God and King.  The Lord puts that sort of song in our hearts, and it can and should overflow.  Remember Disney’s seven dwarves singing and marching off to work?  What a contagious scene.  Let us be carriers of that contagion.  As we walk with our Lord today, may He fill us to overflowing with a pleasing theme.  Amen.
in Him,  Mike