Mar 16


Good morning!

Text:  Numbers 31-33; Psalm 37:1-22

In Numbers 33 we find a step-by-step recounting of the wanderings of Israel in the wilderness.

 Moses wrote down their starting places, stage by stage, by command of the Lord, and these are their stages according to their starting places. (Numbers 33:2)

We read of place after place, most with unfamiliar names.  Curious.  But consider that the Lord was in complete control.  Recall the pillar of cloud by day and fire by night.  Every move and every location was by God’s sovereign will and plan.
You know that this is true for our lives as well.  Every day of your life so far has been guided by the Lord.  This is true of today – this very day – as well.  What purpose does He have for your day today?  That seems like a good thing to ask Him in prayer right about now.
in Him, Mike