Mar 1

Good morning!
Text:  Hebrews 1-3; Psalm 24
The opening verses of Hebrews are game changers. In 1:2 we see Him as “appointed heir of all things” – pointing to the end of the age when Jesus assumes command of all creation as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  In the same breath, the Word points us back to the creation – as it declares that it was through Jesus that the world was created.  He is indeed the first and the last – the beginning and the end of all things.  In verse 3 we see that He is also the in-between:
He upholds the universe by the word of His power.
I remember it being a big spiritual breakthrough for mewhen I came to understand that Jesus was the main event.  Somehow I had Him set aside as God’s little boy, as somehow lesser.  But that’s not true.  Jesus is Creator.  Jesus is Sustainer.  Jesus is Destiny.  The idea that He upholds everything speaks to our lives and our reality right here and right now.  It is only by Jesus’ will and command that you and I are breathing right now.  It is by the word of His power that the sun rose this morning, and only by that same word will it rise again tomorrow.  And, if it doesn’t, it is because everything has been brought under His authority and He is claiming His inheritance.  Jesus is our source, our life and our forever.  Amazing!
in Him,  Mike