Jun 9

Good morning!
Text: 1 Kings 4-7; Psalm 78:40-72
Solomon has the wonderful privilege to preside over the building of the first temple.  Before, God’s worship was conducted in a mobile structure, the tent we know as the tabernacle.  Now, it will be a house, a structure of wood and stone in Jerusalem.  The project is elaborate, requiring tens of thousands of laborers. Timber must be cut in Lebanon and brought to the Holy City. So that no sound of hammer or iron tool might be heard at the construction site, all the stone had to be cut and prepared at the quarry (2 Kings 6:7).  The final words of 1 Kings 6 tell us “he was seven years in building it.”  The final temple was glorious, the product of vision and hard work and sacrifice.
The detail that made me think was the time it took – seven years.  Seven is a special number in Hebrew culture, signifying completion or perfection.  But seven years is not very long.  Moreover, Solomon’s temple would only stand for about 415 years before the Babylonians would destroy it.  But God is eternal, and so is the worship of Him.  All seven years of construction were years of worship – that is what the labor of God’s people to bring Him glory is – worship.  And the 415 years of sacrifices, incense, prayers… all worship.  And so should be every day and every labor of our lives.
in Him,  Mike