Jun 2

Good morning!
Text:  2 Samuel 11-13; Psalm 73
Psalm 73 speaks to the struggle Asaph, the psalmist here, is having with the apparent prosperity of the wicked.  It does in fact seem unfair that so many people who do awful things appear to “get away with it” and become wealthy in the process.  The turning point in the Psalm is 73:16-17 —
But when I thought how to understand this,
    it seemed to me a wearisome task,
 until I went into the sanctuary of God;
    then I discerned their end.
I am challenged by these words – not about the question of unfair rewards to the wicked – but about where I look for answers to things I do not understand.  Working out the answer looks to Asaph like a lot of work, “until I went to the sanctuary of God.”  The answer comes not from a book or a scroll or a friend or a prophet.  The answer comes from just going to where God is present – the sanctuary of God.
There are a lot of unanswered questions in life.  There is plenty that I just don’t get.  There are also things I think I have a handle on, but really do not have a clue.  That said, just how often do I begin my search for understanding by simply coming into God’s presence?  How often do I seek Him in prayer asking for stuff rather than with the singular intent to listen for Him to speak?  We have the Holy Spirit right within us, so the trek to the sanctuary of God is very short.  All we must do is quiet our hearts and be willing to seek Him and just listen.  I find it hard to be quiet like that.  How about you?
in Him,  Mike