Jun 16

Good morning!
Text:  Jonah; Psalm 84
What glorious passages we have today!  I have read and studied Jonah in depth (pun), and it is a favorite.  What an ironic picture into the human heart that Jonah would proclaim that, “Salvation belongs to the Lord” in 2:9 and then get mad at the Lord’s having brought a measure of salvation to those lousy Ninevites (4:1).  That attitude is a challenge for our hearts even this day.
That said, it is Psalm 84:5 that catches my heart’s attention;
“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, in whose heart are the highways to Zion.”
That name, “Zion”, is the name of God’s special spot on earth.  It is that place where He has chosen to establish His dwelling place among His people.  The “highways to Zion” are the pathways into His presence.  The Psalmist here pronounces blessing on the people who have the path to the Lord right within them.  Imagine meeting a person who can lead others to the presence of the living God,.  For we as for Christians, that blessing is actually upon us.  Psalm  84:10 goes on to declare;
“For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.”
His emerald courts are the dwelling place of our destiny.  As believers in Jesus, you and I have the “highways to Zion” within. We know the way to His presence, and are privileged to experience it every moment of every day.   And, we will enjoy His courts forevermore.  May we live in that wondrous truth today and every day.
in Him,  Mike