Jun 14

Good morning!
Today is a reflection day.  Enjoy!
I am still thinking about Elijah.  In 1 Kings 19, he collapses from spiritual fatigue.  After the Lord sends angels with food and he gets some rest, he goes on the lam and ends up in a cave on Mount Horeb . There he encounters the Lord.  Elijah’s basic complaint is that he is all alone.  The Lord responds by telling him that’s not true – that there is a “remnant” of 7,000 in Israel.  Further, he tells Elijah to anoint three men to serve as “reinforcements”.  Elijah finds refreshment and hope in knowing the Lord provides help in the form of others.
Ever get in a funk and feel like giving up?  Elijah is taught two lessons that will help when that happens.   The first is that we are never alone.  And we should connect with our brothers and sisters whenever we are discouraged.  There is always help at hand.
The second is that the work of the Lord is much bigger than we are – both in the moment and also in its eternal nature.  The Kingdom work we participate in will last forever.  Even when our earthly bodies poop out, there will be an ongoing legacy.  Our vision and hopes need never be limited to what we can get done in the here in now.  It is eternal, and that is huge!
I pray that we will find refreshment in one another, and that we will grow in our vision of the scope and longevity of the work He has appointed for us to do.
in Him,  Mike