Jun 11

lit match
Good morning!
Text: 1 Kings 10-12; Psalm 80
In Psalm 80, three verses repeat the same words (v3, 7 and 19):
Restore us, O Lord God of hosts!
    Let your face shine, that we may be saved!
In this Psalm of calling upon God for revival, this image is central.  It is the Lord of hosts – the great armies of God, the I AM, who does the restoring.  And the picture of His face shining upon His people speaks to His attentive heart, His gaze, His white-hot holiness, and of His incredible ability to impart His holiness to us.  This picture is at the center of our prayers for revival today.  We are God’s chosen ones, His people, His very own possession.  We once were newly alive, just born-again, and on fire for him.  He is able to reach into our hearts and bring us back to that place of excitement, commitment and joy.  And so, we ask Him.  He has the armies of heaven at His command – who can destroy any enemy that separates us from His holy presence.  So, we ask Him.  His gaze roams the earth looking for whomever seeks Him, and when we pray we should expect that His face will shine upon us.  So, we ask Him.
Are we asking Him to revive us?  Are you asking Him to restore and revive the wonderful new life?  Ask!
in Him,  Mike