Jun 1

Good morning!
Text:  2 Samuel 8-10; Psalm 72
 David is a “type” of Jesus in many ways, meaning that he, in (much lesser) human form gives us glimpses of what Jesus as Christ will be and will do.  In our 2 Samuel text today, we see David continuing as a warrior king (Chapters 8 and 10). He is finishing the task of vanquishing all of Israel’s external foes, bringing the peace that comes to the victorious.  Jesus as our Prince of Peace does the same, defeating Satan, death and casting all evil aside.
In 2 Samuel 9 we see David reconnect with his covenant relationship with Jonathan, King Saul’s son and David’s best friend who died in battle (1 Samuel 31).  In 9:1 and again in 9:3, David uses a special word for kindness, translated elsewhere in the Old Testament as “steadfast love”. It is the sort of love we associate with Jesus’ love for us.  It is the love of promise and of self sacrifice.  It is the love that acts without regard for “feelings” – meaning it chooses to do what’s best for the other even when they do not deserve it, even when they are their most unlovable.  David exercises this kindness to Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth.  The young man was crippled when a child, and has been left without a family.  David welcomes him into his own house, and gives him a seat at the dinner table among his own sons.  This is a picture of our Father in Heaven’s love for us, expressed in Jesus, as he welcomes us into his household and treats us as His own children.  David does this because he promised.  Our Lord does this for us because he promised.  And He does it when we least deserve it.  Amazing love!
in Him,  Mike