Jul 8

Good morning!
Text:  Amos 4-6; Ecclesiastes 7
There are so many troubling news reports today of evil on the march.  That ISIS is martyring our brothers and sisters, immorality is being celebrated. and urban violence continues might frighten or discourage God’s people. Against the backdrop of a sinful nation, Amos 5:24 speaks clearly;
“But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”
Gravity is an ever present force for us, and water always runs downhill.  The good justice of the Lord, and His righteousness are not realities that people can ignore for long.  The hand of God, and His righteousness are not like a passing idea that can be avoided or compartmentalized.  We cannot change the subject when the Lord’s holy standards are held up like a measuring stick alongside our lives.  We cannot hide in some shelter or find some distraction until He passes by to tend to other matters.
For those who are yet estranged from God, the inevitable press of the flood of His justice is a serious matter.  Justice cannot be dodged.   The good justice of the Lord, and His righteousness will inevitably overcome all evil.  For the believer, the one washed clean by the blood of The Lamb, the fact that His righteousness is “like an ever-flowing stream” is great news.  The Lord will certainly prevail!
in Him,  Mike