Jul 20

love never fails
Good morning!
Text:  Hosea 1-4; Song of Songs 6
Hosea opens with a beautiful and difficult tale which depicts God’s incredible love for His people (us).  Hosea is directed by the Lord to marry “a wife of whoredom.”  As we might expect, that does not go well.  She leaves her husband and ends up a slave.  The Lord then directs Hosea to love her.  Hosea writes:
“So I bought her for fifteen shekels of silver and a homer and a lethech of barley.” (3:2)
Imagine the moral courage such a thing would require.  Hosea’s unfaithful wife is not only welcomed back into his home, but he has to pay for the privilege.  This is here to help us understand God’s amazing love for you and for me.  Despite our adulterous treatment of Him, He is actually willing to pay the price to buy us at the slave auction that we might be restored to Him.  We understand this as the good Gospel news, but the Hosea story adds the very real human emotions we might feel if it was our spouse who was unfaithful – and it helps us better understand just how marvelous God’s love, mercy, forgiveness and grace is toward us. And the price He paid?  Not just some money and some grain – he gave His one and only Son’s life.  Wow!
in Him, Mike