Jul 15

Good morning!
Text:  1 Chronicles 15-17; Song of Solomon 1
1 Chronicles 16 shares a psalm of praise from David in response to the immediate blessing of the Lord as the ark is brought to Jerusalem.  It has wonderful words of worship and praise and is a portrait of how we are to speak, sing and think when we gather for worship.  One phrase that speaks to me is in 16:29:
“Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness…”
Our God is mighty and wise, strong and unchanging.  He is also “holy” meaning He is both perfectly pure and also totally “other.”  He is not like us.  We are fractured and tarnished – but He is perfect.  We are limited in our reach, our intellect and in our every capacity – but He is unlimited.  We can worship Him in this, knowing that our ideas about Him are always bound by our smallness.  Splendor is His, and perfection too.
Thinking these things is a vital part of our everyday prayer life.  It is how we ought to begin when we pray – by worship and adoration of Him in the splendor of His holiness.  When we do, we are lifted heavenward in our hearts while also being lowered in our self sufficient and prideful folly.  Both are good.
in Him, Mike