Jan 7

Good morning!
Text:  Reflection Day
I was with a friend yesterday who is teaching a Bible study on the first eleven chapters of Genesis entitled, “The history of the universe before the Jews.”  It is absolutely amazing that the origin of all creation, the relationship between the Creator and His creation, His character of holiness, righteousness, justice, mercy, love and compassion are all there in those few chapters.  And so is the nature of humanity – the image of God within us, the stain of sin, and evidence of the horror that we can bring forth.  The frightening reality of God’s wrath in the flood is set against the sweetness of His promise in the rainbow.  Human civilization’s urge to create and rule is seen at Babel, and the reason that we are diverse – as a device to protect us – is also all there.  Amazing!
And that is just eleven chapters!  That leaves 1,178 chapters for God to tell us even more.  Wow.
If you have not committed to read through the Bible in 2015, I encourage you to choose to do so beginning this very day.  I can promise you that you will be blessed!
in Him,  Mike