Jan 30

Good morning!
Today is a reflection day.
Leafing back through the last week of reading I am reminded how much territory we covered.  The Exodus story sweeps forward, and the Psalms are filled with beauty, wisdom, emotion and truth.  I usually look for the passages I have underlined – I believe the Lord prompts me to mark them – that He intends for me to slow down, reflect (like on a reflection day) and hear His voice.  The closing verse of Psalm 19 is on my mind today:
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
    be acceptable in your sight,
    O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.
I recall those words being a common closing to the prayers of the preachers of my youth, uttered just before the Sunday sermon.  Somehow that memory sticks, and it has misled me to think that my words only have gravity when the occasion is official or the meeting important.  Not true!  All of my words, and all of “the meditation of my heart” are in full view before God – and they all matter greatly.  I can think of countless times when careless words coming from my own mouth have caused trouble.  I also know that there can be considerable stretches of my thought life that, were it transcribed and printed out, the content would make me wince to look at.  And so, I am thinking that these words of Psalm 19:14 are well placed in every time and place in the life of the believer.  May this prayer be answered for us all.  Just in case, maybe I will write it on my hand.
in Him,  Mike