Jan 25


Good morning!

Text: Exodus 1-4; Psalm 21
In the opening chapters of Exodus we find God’s people, Israel, in captivity in Egypt.  Moses is in a distant land at the time tending sheep when the Lord appears to him in a burning bush. God calls Moses to lead the nation. As God speaks to Moses, after He identifies himself, He says these words:

“I have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters. I know their sufferings, and I have come down to deliver them…”

Here are four things about our God which are still true today.
  1. He is a God who sees.  Whatever affliction you suffer this day, He sees it.
  2. He is a God who hears.  Know that your prayers, your cries to the Lord, are heard.
  3. He is a God who cares.  The Lord knows your heart, and His heart breaks when yours does.  He loves you…. for “God is love” (1 John 4:8)
  4. He is a God who delivers.   He came down to rescue us.  Jesus saves.
Isn’t it good to know our God sees, hears, cares and saves?  What comfort, what joy, what hope!
in Him, Mike