Jan 24

Good morning!
Text:  Psalm 20; Mark 13-16.

In today’s reading, my eyes were drawn to a familiar verse, Psalm 20:7:

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

Often in life we feel powerless and helpless.  We need help and we need safety.  Question:  Where do you look for strength and protection when our need is immediate?
Our first impulse is to look nearby – to the things we have and can hold.  We too often limit our search for strength and security to “ground level.”  We put our trust in chariots and in horses to protect what we hold dear.  To look to the things of this world is folly on two counts.  First, we underestimate how much trouble we are in.  The greatest armies and navies cannot protect us from the evil that threatens.  Second, we neglect the One who is always able, always good and always there for us.  Our trust ought always be in one place and one pace alone – in the Lord our God. He is good, He is strong, and He is our refuge and shelter.  No enemy can get past Him, ever. Leave the chariots and horses to the foolish.
in Him, Mike