Jan 21

Good morning!
Text:  Today is a Reflection Day.
Today – catch up if you’re behind in your reading schedule, reflect on the past weeks readings, maybe take some extra time to pray.  What impressed you from His Word this week?
I am still thinking about the first parts of Psalm 18 (from yesterday’s reading, 18:1-19 in particular).  The Lord is my rock and my fortress.  He is the place that is always solid, never moves, and is safe, safe, safe.  I love the imagery that is used – when destruction threatens one of His own, after the cry goes to Him for help, the Lord responds.
He bowed the heavens and came down;
    thick darkness was under his feet.  (Psalm 18:9)
He moves, and things happen.  Scary things.  The earth reels and rocks, smoke comes from the LORD’s nostrils, devouring fire from His mouth.  He rides a cherub down and the heavens part – clouds and dark, brightness and hail, thunder, arrows, lightning.  Then, God swoops down and rescues.  Imagine – when you or I pray for help, the LORD in fury and speed answers – and He will come and He will rescue.  So… if anything is threatening to you, call out to Him, expecting a powerful response.  Amen.
in Him,  Mike