Jan 16

Good morning!
Text:  Genesis 40-42; Psalm 14
As the story of Joseph continues, we see how the Lord gives Joseph the ability to interpret dreams, and then uses that gift to move His plan forward.  The big picture in the Lord’s plan is that Joseph is the one who is preparing a place for the sons of Jacob to move – Egypt.  It is there that God will incubate the great nation He has promised.  It will take 400 years, and they will grow to several million by the time of the Exodus.  Joseph is the one who will open the door.  For that to happen, Joseph will end up in a position of power and influence, and for that to happen Joseph interprets dreams.  God gives Joseph a spiritual gift which, when exercised by Joseph, connects God’s supernatural power with the world around Joseph.
If you think on this, you will see that it applies to you and to me. Each of us, if we are in Christ Jesus, has the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit gives us supernatural abilities – spiritual gifts.  When we exercise our gifts, the uses us as a conduit to connect with the world around us.  He uses us to advance His Kingdom plans.  So – two questions:  Do I know how God has gifted me?  Am I using that gift for His Kingdom purposes?  Some prayer seems good to me right about now….
in Him,  Mike