Jan 15

Good morning!
Text: Genesis 37-39; Psalm 13
The story of Joseph is memorable.  We often list him among the great Bible characters and teach about how we ought to emulate his strength of character.  That is good, but the reality of Scripture is that the main character is always the Lord God. Even the best Bible characters are only human, and that means they are, at the core, sinners – imperfect at best.  What allows to Joseph do so well is the Lord.  In Genesis 39:23 we find these words about Joseph:
…the Lord was with him. And whatever he did, the Lord made it succeed.
Joseph finds himself in some tough spots – sold into slavery, falsely accused, imprisoned – yet the Lord rescues Him and uses Him over and over again.  All along the way, Joseph distinguishes himself.  The reason – “…the Lord was with him.”
Our successes always come from the Lord  – a truth we must never forget.  Our task is to stay close to Him – by keeping our sin account short (that means we repent and confess as often as we sin) and by always seeking Him in prayer and thought.  This is the key to success.  Amazing, especially when so much time and effort is put into worldly ideas about how best to succeed.  A good education, a break getting the right job, dressing well – these may help.  But true success is always from the Lord.  So, we must stay close to Him so that His success might flow into our lives.  Life lived tight with Jesus – that’s the key.
in Him, Mike