Jan 15


Good morning!

Text: Genesis 37-39; Psalm 13
As the story of Joseph unfolds in these parts of Genesis, we read of a life that, no matter the difficulties, always turns out well.  Joseph is a bit like the cat who always lands on his feet.  At the close of Chapter 39 we read why:

…the Lord was with him. And whatever he did, the Lord made it succeed. (Genesis 39:23)

In Joseph’s time, to have the Lord’s continuous presence and power was unusual.  The Spirit of God visited and came upon people, but then often departed.  That is not true for you and me.  We have the Spirit every hour of every day.  Jesus promised to be with us every minute of  every day (Matthew 28:20).   We have Him, and He does it all. We need to allow this truth to reign – “the Lord made it succeed.”  Success like Joseph’s ought to be ours.
Today’s challenge: What in my life is preventing me from being blessed by His presence? What obstacles in my life are in the way of God working through me?
in Him, Mike