Jan 12

Good morning!
Text:  Genesis 30-32, Psalm 11
When Jacob comes to the end of his colorful time in the land of his mother’s people in the east, the Lord tells him it is time to depart.  His relationship with his father-in-law, Laban has gone sour, and he has a large family and substantial flocks.  So, he heads west – with a hostile father-in-law behind and a cheated and angry brother (Esau) ahead.  The phrase, “between a rock and a hard place” comes to mind.  Given Jacob’s oily dealings with both men, it is a little hard to feel too sympathetic.  That said, I can relate to the feeling of having two options, both lousy, and fear and foreboding about the near future.  It is in that reality that,
“Jacob went on his way, and the angels of God met him.” (Genesis 32:1).
How cool is that!  When fear and insecurity is at their strongest, the Lord’s angels show up.  Angles are not little sweeties with harps, but big bad warriors of God.  Jacob has a serious and powerful security detail.  Throughout Scripture we are reminded that our God is a God who comes to the aid of His own people.  He protects us, surrounds us with angel armies, and when we are beset by fear, he even reveals their presence to us.
Is anything making you fearful?  Are their hostile people or forces chasing you, or in your path ahead?  Fear not!  Our great God keeps us and guards us.
in Him,  Mike