Feb 5

Good morning!
Text: Exodus 28-31; Proverbs 5
As the Lord gives instructions for worship, there is a lot of detail.  He is a God who is over all, and is also in all the details.   A verse that caught my eye was 28:3.  His instructions here require a lot of people to bring their best skills to bear:
You shall speak to all the skillful, whom I have filled with a spirit of skill…
Every skill that we have is from the Lord.  Whether we are good with our hands, or can play a musical instrument, or speak or pray quietly or craft ornamentation – whatever we are able to do is as a result of a skill God gave.  It makes sense that our worship would include putting those skills to work – on display even, to the glory of God.  So- here’s a challenge:  Is there some skill which I have that I am using for purposes other than the glory of God?  Is there some skill that I could use for His glory but have allowed to sit idle?  Something to pray about, methinks.
in Him,  Mike