Dec 2


Good morning!

Text:  Nahum; Isaiah 43
Nahum is a curious prophet as he writes a message to Judah that actually speaks to a foreign nation, Assyria and her capital, Nineveh.  In reading it, a verse that spoke forcefully to my heart today was this:

The scatterer has come up against you.
Man the ramparts;
watch the road;
dress for battle;
collect all your strength.  (Nahum 2:1)

Recently in the life of our church we experienced a spiritual sneak attack.  A man in leadership suddenly became psychotic and violent.  Shock waves spread among us.  The Lord was gracious in it – injuries were minor and he is already getting better.  I praise the Lord for how many of our church family responded with love, empathy, and fervent prayer.  But these sorts of things can be used with devastating effect by the enemy, as he fuels fear, mistrust and disunity.  It is time now to embrace the words of this text.  “Man the ramparts, watch the road, dress for battle, collect all your strength.” We must use the weapons that thwart the enemy – prayer, love, the blood of Jesus and the truth of the Word of God.
in Him, Mike