Aug 9


Good morning!

Text: 2 Chronicles 19-21; Psalm 106:1-23
A coalition of enemy nations rises up against Judah during the reign of King Jehoshaphat. In the face of the dire situation, he prays before the assembly of Israel.  His closing words as he pleas to the Lord for help are these:

“We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” (2 Chronicles 20:12)

So often, when faced with a problem, my first instinct is to solve it with the resources I have.  “I’ve got this,” I tell myself.  The better approach is Jehoshaphat’s.  I may have some ideas of what to do, but I do not know.  God knows.  And if I believe what Jesus has said – that without Him I can do nothing (John 15:5) – then my only reasonable first response to a crisis is to admit that I am clueless – and put my eyes upon the Lord.
My prayer is that the truth of this Word will stand in my heart more strongly than the folly of my flesh.
in Him, Mike