Aug 28


Good morning!

Text:  Nehemiah 11-13; Psalm 119:33-48
After the rebuilding of the wall of the city of Jerusalem, the people celebrate by giving thanks to the Lord.  It is quite an affair.  Nehemiah reports:

Then I brought the leaders of Judah up onto the wall and appointed two great choirs that gave thanks. (Nehemiah 12:31)

This scene makes me ask myself how I respond to an accomplishment.  Do I celebrate as does the world, or do I pull out the stops in worship?  Further, it reminds us of the intimate connection between our everyday lives and our worship. The events of everyday life, good and bad, are ongoing evidence of God’s presence in our lives.  Witness how Nehemiah’s leadership of a civic redevelopment project was characterized by ongoing prayer and dependence upon the Lord.  So when the work is completed, it is an easy connection that God is the one to be thanked and celebrated.  On Sunday morning, my worship ought to be a continuation of my experience of God in the week just ended.  If it is not, it speaks not of Sunday worship as much as it does my having lived my weekday life without acknowledging the Lord.
in Him, Mike