Apr 7


Good morning!
Today is a reflection day.
Take time to slow down today and reflect on the Word and the Lord’s goodness.  It has been busy for many of us.  Indeed He has shown Himself to be powerful, alive and active in the lives of His people.  Praise God!
Here is a verse for thought – Psalm 50:3 –
Our God comes; he does not keep silence;
    before him is a devouring fire,
    around him a mighty tempest.
Out west they have great forest and brush fires. They are part of the natural cycle for that part of the country, but when they come they are fearsome.  After they are over, the landscape is profoundly changed.  Down south, hurricanes can do the same.  Some of us have seen it firsthand – houses swept away so only foundations are left.  Trees stripped bare of their leaves or snapped like twigs. In the aftermath, life returns.  Seedlings sprout.  Houses are rebuilt.  And it is all new.
When the Lord our God sweeps into a place, a life, a family, He sometimes arrives as “a devouring fire”, and “around Him a mighty tempest.”  With our God, when He comes close, don’t expect things to stay the same.
in Him,  Mike