Apr 5

Good Morning!
Text: Joshua 1-3; Psalm 53
Joshua 3 recounts the incredible milestone in the history of the Israelites as they cross the Jordan river, the threshold of the Promised Land.  To do so, the priests are instructed to carry the ark to the brink of the river and step in.  When they do, the Lord will stop the flow so they people may cross on dry ground.  The text notes that the river is at flood stage (3:15).  The banks are steep, so this means that these priests must take a giant step of faith as they have to step into deep water while carrying a heavy ark (desert guys don’t swim).  They step in, the water flow stops, and the Lord delivers the stupendous miracle that allows their safe crossing.
For me, there’s a big message.  In order for God to do great things, we must have great faith (trust) in Him.  He often asks us to take the leap – to take the big risk – to let go of our security before He delivers His blessing.  It is easy to let fear rob us of the blessings that abandon and trust can bring.  So, today’s challenge is this:  What great thing do I expect from God?  Am I willing to take action – even risky action – trusting that He will provide, or am I too timid?
Go for it!    Happy Easter!
in Him, Mike