Apr 2


Good morning!
Text: Deuteronomy 31-34; Psalm 49
In today’s reading we finish our time in the Torah, the Old Testament Law, comprising the first five books of our Bible.  It is God’s primary revelation to His chosen people, and in their covenant life guided by that Law, they revealed God to the world.  A verse that caught my eye is Deuteronomy 32:31:
For their rock is not as our Rock;
    our enemies are by themselves.
In life we have many struggles, some of which are with other people.  Sometimes those people are driven and motivated by the enemy of our souls, their intent evil.  In recent days I have been disturbed by the venom being directed at Christians – abroad in the Middle East and Africa, and even here in the USA.  The enemy wants Christians to give it up, to be scattered and even destroyed.  Overseas, the threat includes the sword.  At home it is intimidation.  But the unseen enemy cannot win.
Our God cares for us, rescues us, protects and shields us.  Who or what those enemies rely upon is never a match for our God.  Their “rock” – note the lower case “r” – is not as our “Rock” – capital “R”!  Those enemies are, at the end of the day, alone.  So, take heart and stand firm.  We cannot be moved.  Amen!
in Him, Mike