Apr 10

Good morning!
Text: Joshua 13-15; Psalm 56
Psalm 56 is part of a series of psalms written by David in the midst of struggles.  In these, David is always honest, dependent upon the Lord, and offering praises.  We are reminded of God’s might, glory and goodness.  We are also reminded of how He knows us intimately.  Consider Psalm 56:8-
You have kept count of my tossings;
    put my tears in your bottle.
    Are they not in your book?
God is attentive to every detail of our life.  Every time we toss and turn in the middle of the night, the Lord takes notice.  When we cry, He captures each tear drop.  All the smallest details of our lives are on His scope, and He remembers them all – as if they are “in a bottle”, or written in a book.  When I consider that He is busy superintending the whole entire universe and yet shares in and cares about all my thoughts, worries, fears and joys – I am amazed.  Wow!
in Him,  Mike