Good morning!

Today is a reflection day.
2 Timothy 2:22 speaks these words:

So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.

We are to “flee youthful passions.”  When I think of “youthful passions” I think of life as a teenager.  Hormones were raging – so that aspect of “youthful passions” seems simple to understand.  But beyond sensual desires, I do recall many teen thoughts and actions being driven by the need to be accepted.  Peer pressure was huge when combined with uncertainty about self.  For me, these matters were a big deal nearly fifty years ago.  And although in diminished strength, they are still there. The answer remains – “Flee!”
And instead pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace.
in Him, Mike