Good morning!
Text:  Esther 8-10; Psalm 119:113-128
The Book of Esther is unique in the Bible in that God is never mentioned – not even once.  But, the only conclusion the reader can come to is that the story is about God’s sovereign protection and blessing of His chosen people.  Esther’s becoming queen, Mordecai’s discovery of the plot to kill King Ahasuerus (aka Xerxes), the King’s sleepless night,  Haman’s execution and finally the miraculous deliverance of the Jews all point to the Hand of God at work.  It is left to the reader to point to Him.
This is true in our lives today. He is at work, a sovereign and purposeful God.  He is doing things right now that will cause us, the people He has chosen, to see His hand at work and point toward Him.  We bring Him glory when we do so.  That is His will and His plan – that we would acknowledge and proclaim Him.  So – what has he done lately in your life?  What is He doing right now?  Will you give Him all the glory?
in Him,  Mike