Good morning!

Text:  Ezekiel 29-32;  Ecclesiastes 6
As I was reading today’s text I sat in a quiet house just before dawn.  It was so very quiet.  When I read this verse, it spoke clearly:
 The more words, the more vanity, and what is the advantage to man? (Ecclesiastes 6:11)
In its context, this word says that we face an unknowable future, a future which God controls and not us.  And so talking about it is a waste of time.  When I read it as I sat in the peaceful quiet, it took on deeper meaning.  There is so much which we do not know, so much that is unknowable.  There are many things God has said to us in His Word that can confuse us or that we might rather not hear.  And so we talk about it.  We speculate and we debate.  We pontificate and carry on.  Today’s verse is a call to be still.  I need to accept what I do not know or cannot grasp.  Give it a rest.  Enjoy some quiet.  To be still is a blessing for myself… and also for those around me.
in Him, Mike