Good morning!

Text: Job 10-12; Psalm 121
As Job wrestles with his grave troubles, he receives “advice” from his friends which comes down on him like contempt.  Only “losers” get treated by God as poorly as Job.   As Job replies, he brings this word:

In the thought of one who is at ease there is contempt for misfortune;
it is ready for those whose feet slip. (Job 12:5)

When we see people struggling, do we speculate about what choices they have made?  Do we wonder what sin led to their troubles?  Do we condemn?  How do we see them?  Is our response compassion, pity, apathy or contempt?  This word challenges me to ask the Lord to make me a man of mercy.  May He fill me with love for those who are suffering, even when their pain is self induced.
in Him, Mike