Good morning!
Text: Job 7-9; Psalm 120
As Job wrestles to understand his plight and to respond to his three friends, he asks some difficult questions:

“Truly I know that it is so:
But how can a man be in the right before God?”  (Job 9:2)

This question puzzles many people, and many religious answers are offered.  The most common – “be good and do good” – is in fact wrong.  He is too holy and we are too fallen to ever earn His favor.  The right answer is that we are only made “right before God” by putting our trust in His One and Only Son, Jesus.  Jesus’ death on our behalf allows us to be made right before God.  What a blessing that we know the answer to this question.  And what wonderful grace that God, out of His love for you and me, has provided the gift that answers this question .  Have you received this gift, the gift of Jesus?  You can accept Him right now, you know.
in Him, Mike