Good morning!
Text:  Ezekiel 21-24; Ecclesiastes 4
In today’s reading, Ezekiel starts on a roll, pronouncing judgment upon Jerusalem and a number of the surrounding nations.  This phrase appears often – at the end of each announcement of destruction:
“…then you/they will know that I am the Lord” (Ezekiel 24:24; 24:27; 25:5; 25:7; 25:11; 25:17; 26:6).
We are reminded that the Lord does all that He does for the purpose of His glory.  He blesses, rescues, loves and gives grace for the glory of His name.  And He punishes wickedness and unbelief for the glory of His name.  Every time the Lord exercises His sovereign authority and power, He does it that people might know that He is the Lord God.
That applies to the big stuff, but it is also true of every small thing He does in our lives, to include every little detail where He blesses or brings correction.  Every time we are obedient and He uses us to accomplish His will, He does it so that we and those around Him “will know that I am the Lord.”  This truth puts the choices of life in a very bright and clarifying light, amen?
in Him,  Mike