Good morning!
Text:  Nehemiah 4-7; Psalm 119:1-16
I love the story of Nehemiah leading the people as they rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and have studied it several times over the years.  The wicked opposition leaders, Sanballat and Tobiah come at them with mockery, conspiracy, compromise, slander and treachery.  The response follows a simple pattern – pray, make a prudent provision (like arming some of the men), and get back to work.  The attacks delay, but never halt the work.
The attacks cause interruptions to the work, but when there is dependence upon the Lord, they can never cause collapse.  Nehemiah as leader stands tall, and does not let fear, worry or discouragement ever take root.  These are timeless principles that we can and should use often when there is opposition to the Lord’s work in our lives and in the life of the church.
in Him,  Mike