Good morning!

Today is a reflection day.
The Psalms provide us with pathways to connect us with the Lord – in praise and in prayer.  We find lofty and elegant praise and we find pleas for deliverance.  Among the Psalms we also find words of complaint and even hostility, such as this imprecation about an enemy:
May his children wander about and beg,
    seeking food far from the ruins they inhabit! (Psalm 109:10)
It seems shocking that such sentiments are in the Bible until we realize that these are the honest expressions of the heart of a man before God.  Honesty in prayer is on display here. There is a challenge in this for us.  Just how honest are we in our prayer life?  If we are angry will we share our anger with God?  How about frustration or disappointment? Knowing that God knows our hearts, our very thoughts, if we hold back in prayer, who do we think we are kidding?  God wants all of us, even our nasty moods.  And that is wonderful.
in Him, Mike