Good morning!

Text:  2 Chronicles 28-30; Psalm 108
King Hezekiah brings revival to Judah, cleansing the temple, resuming the celebration of the Passover and inviting the people to return to the Lord.  His invitation includes these words:

“For the Lord your God is gracious and merciful and will not turn away his face from you, if you return to him.” (2 Chronicles 30:9)

Whenever we offend someone it is our nature to avoid further encounters.  When we offend the One who can judge and punish, that instinct gets even stronger.  We do not want to “face the music” so our flesh shouts, “Run away!  Hide!  Stay away!”  We go on the lam from God.
The amazing thing about God is that when we come to Him in our sin, we are not met with wrath.  Instead, we find His grace and mercy.  He greets us with wide open arms and a willingness to forgive. For these gifts to be ours, we must choose to go against our urge to avoid Him.  So, this day, is there something in your life that has you avoiding the Lord?  Bring it to Him, be made right, and receive His love.
in Him, Mike