Good morning!

Text:  Psalm 88-89

Sometimes Bible readings can leave us more than a little downcast.  Then there’s Psalm 88.  My study Bible notes that Psalm 88 is the“saddest psalm in the Psalter.”  I was once asked by a family member of a person who had just come out of surgery for a life threatening condition, “Pastor Mike, how do I pray?”  I told her that a read through the Psalms gives us great insight.  The Psalms, as Scripture, are God-breathed (ref. 2 Timothy 3:16).  They are the heart cry of God’s people, and are also the Word of God.  The Psalms are a portrait of what Spirit-led, Spirit-filled prayer looks like.  Taken together, the Psalms exemplify three elements – praise for our God, dependence upon Him and complete honesty.  Psalm 88 is intensely honest.  The sadness and sense of despair are gripping.
So – as we encounter the bummers of life, and soak in the grim spirit of Psalm 88 today, what’s the good news?   I see two lights in the darkness.  First is that our God saves.  Psalm 88:1 begins,
“O Lord, God of my salvation…”.
The second is that our great God wants us and allows us to be completely honest before Him.  So, if you are struggling with something this day, take it to Him.  Speak openly and honestly about the burdens of your heart.  He already knows all about it.  It is a comfort and even a delight to know there is always One we can turn to.
in Him,  Mike